Increase the conversion rate on my landing page

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I bet before asking this question you have read a dozen articles about conversion rate optimization hacks. And what have you met there? A dozen of tips to “add emotions” to your headline. Change a button color. Adjust line spacing. Play with fonts and colors.

Am I right?

Chances are, you have already implemented all of these “tricks”. And got almost nothing. All these magic techniques are what you should do every day. It’s not the best practice. It’s your day-to-day responsibilities.

Small content and design tweaks will bring only insignificant, short-term results at best. Marketing resources and blogs are over-crowded by very basic and well-known pieces of advice.

The worst thing about that: not only marketing is over-crowded. Probably, your market is over-crowded as well. Dozens (or hundreds) of people are already doing the same business. You are not alone. Your product or service isn’t unique, too.

Sometimes it may appear that your business niche is so packed with the competition that it’s hard to stand out.

Nevertheless, you still can gain a competitive edge. Show that you are worth to be chosen among others with the help of social proof.

Why social proof?

For instance, take a look at BigCommerce’s landing page. Five social proof blocks which occupy half of the page. And it’s not the limit if you visit

Now we live in a world where people are familiar with social proof. What’s more, website visitors are looking for social proof on a page as an essential element of webpage content.

So, what social proof techniques can you adopt to dramatically improve your landing page conversion rate?

To be honest, my preferred approach is automation. You can adopt one social proof platform like Popify and benefit from all social proof aspects at the same time:

  1. Add testimonials and reviews because customers trust other customers. After the customer completes the purchase, Popify sends them a link where they can write a testimonial. Next, you approve the testimonial and the tool starts to feature it on certain pages.
  2. While testimonials and case studies are great, a real-time overview of website activity is even more powerful. This builds trust by not only letting you know others are using the site but that they’re booking this specific product or service. What’s more, with the help of social proof & notification tools, you can display recent conversions like opt-ins or sales to establish social proof and raise your conversion rates.
  3. Other social proof tactics Popify offers include Star Ratings and Social Count features. Star Ratings automatically gathers reviews and displays them on your site. Social Count displays your followers or subscribers on various social media channels. The number of shares of your content on social networks can be all the proof one needs to invest in your product or service.

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